The Future DNP Payment
Acceptance and Payouts!

As predicted by many that BitCoin is going to be the Global Future Cryptocurrency or also known as Bitcoin Digital Gold. It will be the New Generation of Payment Transactions, Receiving and or Transferring of funds between individuals, companies and banks. This is already happening in some countries in Europe and North America certainly will follow that trend sooner or later.

WANT FAST BITCOIN? Simple 2 Steps:

1. The BEST BitCoin Payment Processor to have is the
               Get your free account set up today:

2. Click on the LocalCoin ATM Bitcoin display below:

Once the SolidTrustPay is gone as of April 1, 2020, the DailyNetPay will have these payment and payout options available:

BitCoin - Will the Main Payment System Used by the DNP!
Also Receiving and Sending Money Orders or Cashier Checks,
 Bank Transfers.

Last year 2019 about 40% of orders came from people who have mailed International Money Orders or Cashier Checks and about 10% have mailed cash in the #10 size envelope. Some just love the old fashion way of doing business. I have also mailed Money Orders to members.

The minimum for DNP to payout PTS Earnings-Commissions by sending a Money Order to Canadian or USA member is $300 (less the Money Order Fee which could be up to $25). For International members outside North America, the best and cheapest way is to send Western Union.

The DailyNetPay also accepts Bank Transfers or Bank Wires or Email Transfers. The DNP payouts can be done through banking system as well but a member has to cover the bank fees.

You will need to contact me (John Kielec) directly for banking information.
       cell-text: 1-519-616-7932

For additional informative details about BitCoin, Payments or Sending Address, please scroll down.

How and Where To Purchase BitCoin!

Places where I have purchased the BitCoin:

Please Note:
All sources listed below to buy BitCoin will need your Id Verification.
I do not think you will find a source where No Id is needed.
It is the regulations that require them to do that.
If a source does not ask for Id, it could be a shady source.
I would not use them as you might not get your BitCoin.

    Some Countries and some USA Stated are restricted.
    Coinmama is the MOST popular and mostly used.

    (Fast and Secure)

This is ONLY for Active DNP members who want to Join and Purchase:
CashFX or DNP-CashFX Pooled Team Build Shares
or possibly other related opportunities that DNP is associated.

The Best and Easiest Way is for me to do the transfer or purchase for you.

Suggestion 1:
If you join any of the above mention opportunities,
you can send or mail me the required amount in US $,
(for the BitCoin the maximum amount is $500)
then email me your LOGIN DETAILS for the required opportunity.
I will login and do the transfer or purchase your item directly from my BTC wallet.
After I am done, I will notify you and you can change your login.

Suggestion 2:
Set up your BitCoin Wallet (account),
the best and most used one is CoinPayments

Send the required amount of US $ + the Transaction Fee to me (max $500).
Provide me your BitCoin Wallet Id Address.
I will transfer the required amount that was send to me to your BTC wallet.

OTHER WAYS that are used by many members of the DNP!
                                 (I also use the services of the sources listed below)

SKRILL ACCOUNT - Used worldwide to Buy or Sell Bitcoin

How to set up your Skrill account:

You will need a Bitcoin wallet, the best one - coinpayments:

For Canadians Members - Where to Buy and Sell Bitcoin

Where and How to Buy Bitcoin in Canada Part1 Bitvo Exchange, BTC for Beginners

How to Buy Cryptocurrency for Beginners by CryptoCasey

BitBuy: Best Exchange to Buy & Sell Bitcoin in Canada by CryptoCasey

For other or mailing details, please view what is below.

Do Not Have or Do Not Want To Pay Pay By BitCoin?

Below You Will Find The Other Easiest Way
To Pay For Your DailyNetPay - Private Trade Share(s).

The Most Common Way!
Send your payment in USD funds by using International Money Order or Cashier Check payalbe to:
John Kielec

please send your payment to this address:

John Kielec
688 Preston Pkwy., Suite 503
Cambridge, Ont. Canada
N3H 5K6

You can send cash through FedEx or UPS which are insured carriers or through the regular mail if mailed within same country (Canada). I would suggest to send cash in the #10 envelope wrapped in folded paper.

Recently there are too many issues I am having with WU money coming from USA.
I have quit using WU due to USA-CANADA WU Transfers Issues.

PLEASE DO THIS: if you are going to send me International Money Order or Cash, email me to let me know what you are sending (Money Order or Cash) and how much.

with subject: Sending ... (what ever you will be sending)!
In the email message place YOUR FULL NAME and any other details that you might want to let me know (like your DNP username that you have joined).

     John Kielec
     skype: makefreedom
     Cell / Text: 519-616-7932