The first wallet that is or seemed easy to use is
Cash App.

I downloaded from Google Play. It was recommended to me and it did work good for me as along as I did a bank to App transfer and then back to my bank account again. You may need to wait a few minutes to an hour before you enter your bank card information or bank information.

This information seems to be on auto pilot but once found it worked just fine. They will exchange Bitcoin for you if you add more information. The fees are real low and you can easily transfer money from one person to another person, also I see that the new investing function is now working so I need to look that over. The
down side is that it works well in the US and this can be a limit for many people that work or live outside of the US. I still use a phone service from outside the US and the number does not work in the US. If that changes as the company progresses than I would start using it more.

I have just read that the company has entered the UK and I do not know about the phone numbers there. 
One other thing is that you can buy and sell stock from the app or exchange from USD to Bitcoin and back. They offer a card if you want one which may be something good to have. The company Headquarters is in San Francisco and has big plans to expand first into Europe, which is happening now. One thing I really like is that you do not need an phone number now to start using the App because they send a 2FA code to your email address. I have not exchanged USD to Bitcoin so I do not know about this function but do know they are making improvements on a regular basis.

More useful information you can find on Cash App:

Overal I really like the fact that it was easy to navigate in general.

The next wallet is Edge
which I have also used even with Bitcoin. This is actually a wallet with the added feature of transferring money from your bank to the wallet and then exchanging the money to Bitcoin. The wallet needs some time to become familiar with, so playing with the wallet is recommended as to learn how to use the functions. You have two functions to purchase Bitcoin or to sell Bitcoin but these are actually two banks in England. You can exchange between two kinds of Coins like Bitcoin to Ether or Bitcoin to Lite coin, etc. I did not use this function because I usually purchase Bitcoin and send it somewhere within a few minutes.  The wallet becomes easy to use and my download was preset with "My Wallet" for Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin.  I found a couple of movies on YouTube about set up which were helpful.

The downside is the FEES! I feel that 6-7% are high fees for loading money from your bank to the wallet. ( Cash App was cheaper) The transfer function from your bank to your Edge wallet were done by UK banks.  So I am not really using this function at this time. Overall I have had no problems  with the wallet.

P.S. I understand most Wallet fees for the functions run about 5%. Uphold and Cash App are about at that rate.

My NEWEST Wallet is from Uphold
has been working for some time to get where they are today and even though I have not used it yet . The bank is in England and so is Edge Wallet. Uphold fees are "FREE" or so they claim. The company makes there fees from the
difference in the price of bitcoin. If the price is 9,780 on an exchange then they raise the bitcoin price up to say, 9,800. I am sure that the other exchanges do the same. I have made a bank transfer using my Credit/Debit card and no fees.

They can exchange 60 different coins, 4 metals, do bank deposits to 40 countries and to some banks using swift codes and more. Now offering a Debit card that will let you make withdraws in the major coins, like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Lite, etc. It looks good so far but I had to change my password and must wait for 24 hours to make a transfer. Not happy about waiting but I guess it is part of security. The big PLUS here for many people is that it accepted my International phone number. I also made an exchange from my USD to Bitcoin and then made a spend to STAI.

The wallet seems clunky, I feel since I had to click on the help page to accomplish the task. The help section is good and really helps as you feel your way around the first time.To make a transfer by Bitcoin you click the transfer sign at the bottom of the page where you select USD or Bitcoin near the top of the page, you are taken back to another page showing the price of Bitcoin at that time. The next block is for the Dollar amount that you want to send say 100.00 and the top block will change to the correct amount. In the third block you must tap it or click on it and it goes back to a selection page, here is the problem the first time. To send Bitcoin you must scroll down to the lower section and click on Bitcoin then you go back to the tranfer page to follow through, then review and send.

The first time through is different from the other wallets. I was verified in about 30 minutes.  You must use Google Authentictor or Google Authy to sign in and I do not know if that is a plus since I have recently read that this App can be breached.