Traffic Is The Lifeblood
Of Any Business!

As an online business owner you already understand the importance of advertising. Without a steady stream of visitors and hits to your website, there is absolutely no way that it can make sales. In today's highly automated Internet technology, it is harder to get quality and responsive traffic to your website for your product or service that you are selling. The "DailyNetPay" offers the MOST EFFECTIVE ways to promote any business where thousands of daily Internet users can see your offer.

Please allow up to 12 hours to set up your advertising account.
You will receive email confirmation once this process is done.

Ad Pak #1
Test Your Offer by Purchasing the 15 Day Trial Advertising Pak

which will promote your offer to 5000 Cash Buyers/Prospects and
also will place you with TWO Paid Entries into the
Daily Net Traffic
where you will get 5000 Advertising Credits to promote your offer even more.

Daily Net Traffic is a Cash Back Advertising source
which means you can get paid ($12800+) for promoting your business.

All Of The Above At This One Time Wholesale Cost of Only $9.95!

You Become A Member of the Daily Net Pay and Daily Net Traffic for LIFE!

Attention RevenueFromAdvertising Members (RFA)!

By purchasing the DNP Ad Pak #1 will Qualify RFA Mmembers
To Use All the Marketing Tools That are Designed to Promote the RFA.


Ad Pak #2! 

Best Choice for CONTINUOUS Advertising & Profits
especially if you have already purchased your DNP Ad Pak #3 or #4.

This a Low Cost Monthly Ad Pak that Builds Your Monthly Residual Income
and the one that will keep promoting your DNP Ad Pak #3 or #4.
This Ad Pak will promote your DNP Business
and Other Bussiness Offer or Service for 30 days.
Your Advertisment Is Promoted Up To 500,000 Cash Buyers/Prospects!
Joining at this level, you will become part of the AUTO FEED system where the DNP will place PAID members under you in ALL DNP Ad Paks (if you qualify). This ad pak is best to purchase After your DNP Ad Pak #3 or #4 has expired as this will keep promoting both of them. Having this subscription will also kee you active in the co-op advertising that comes with DNP Ad Pak #3 or #4. The DNP Ad Pak #2 costs $29.95 per month and CONTINUOSLY promotes your DNP along with your other offer what you have in the Opportunity Ad Section.

The DNP Ad Pak #2 Will Earn You
INSTANT Referral Commissions of $10 and $5!

You will earn $10 for ALL of your New Personally Sponsored
Paid Members with Ad Pak 2 in your Tier 1.
Those who are in your Tier 1 with Ad Pak 2
who will sponsor any New Ad Pak 2 Paid Members,
you will earn $5 which would be from your Tier 2.

These commissions are Recurring Earnings
as each time they would renew their Ad Pak,

you will get paid from members in your Tier 1 and Tier 2.

Your Wholesale Cost Is $29.95 per month

Ad Pak #3!  

The POWER of TWO (2)
Your High Income Journey Starts Here!
This Ad Pak Will Get You At Least
ONE PAID Member!

To Join at this DNP Ad Pak #3,
Scroll Up and click on JOIN then Select "Advertising Pak #3"

Purchasing the DNP Ad Pak #3 includes the DNP Ad Pak #1, #2  and will place you into the
RevenueFromAdvertising (RAF) at the Ad Package Position #1 ($50).

That Entry will IMMEDIATLEY allow you to Earn Instant and Direct TWO payments of $50
which will qualify you to purchase higher Advertising Package out of profit.

The excitment starts here where you will be progressing forward to start receiving
the $100, $300, $1000, $5000 and $10,000 Instant and Direct Cash Payments.

Then let our POWER of TWO + Powerful Dual Downline Structure (PDDS)
do its job and take you on a REAL Financially Rewarding journey towards the $640,000 income.

  • This Ad Pak will promote your DNP and RFA Business and Any Other Business offer or service for up to 60 days.
  • Here the DNP Advertising Platform will promote your RFA opportunity UNTIL YOU GET AT LEAST ONE PAID MEMBER into the RevenueFromAdvertising opportunity.
  • During those 60 days, your Advertisment Is Promoted To 1,000,000 Cash Buyers/Prospects.
  • You will also get 5000 Banner and Text Ad credits through our RevenueFromAdvertising - POWER of TWO (2) Advertising and Income Generator.

If you are low on cash or have limitted funds,
this is your Best Choice To Start With DailyNetPay.
From Your Earned Profits, You Can Move Forward
To Higher Advertising Pacakges and Higher Income Levels!

The DNP Ad Pak #3, Your Wholesale Cost Is $89.50!

 Ad Pak #4!

This Is The FAST START Package
With The POWER of TWO
$50, $100 and $300 Ad Entries
That Allows You To Earn Higher
Payouts Right From The Start

The Daily Net Pay, Revenue From Advertising
and Daily Net Traffic Will Promote Your Business



Those who are REALLY SERIOUS
and want a Complete and Ready To Go Business


  • Purchasing this Complete Business Start Up Package will qulify you to Earn $2, $3, $5, $10, $20, $50, $100, $200 and $300 Instant Commissions from providing a high in demand product(s) that are needed and wanted by all businesses and Network Marketers.
  • The DNP will advertise your New business for 60 days to 2,000,000 Cash Buyer Prospects and as our special Bonus, you will get additional 30 days of advertising (total 90 days of advertising). You will also be able to promote your offer or business of your choice to these same prospects.
  • Plus you get 20000 Banner and Text Ad advertising credits to promote anything you want.
  • Your first paid entry starts with the DailyNetPay Advertising Platform where it promotes your new business and allows you to build a monthly residual income. You entry qualifies you to earn DNP commissions of $5 and $10.
  • Your second paid entry includes placement into RevenueFromAdvertising Ad Package Position #1, #2 and #3. This entry will allow you to earn instant and direct cash commissions of $50, $100 and $300. Then out of profits you can upgrade to the higher packages to earn those $1000, $5000 and $10000 Instant and Direct commissions. This is where your journey to the $640000+ Online Empire starts.
  • Lastly or your third paid entry goes to the DailyNetTraffic with Ad Traffic Package #1, #2 and #3. This entry will allow you to start earning direct and instant commissions of $2, $3 and $10 and out of profit upgrading to the higher Ad Traffic Packages to earn even more or up to $16800. The DNT was created to allow others to join our opportunity who can not afford the higher Ad Packages. The DNT actually acts as a feeder system that anyone can start at the low cost and out of profit move into higher income levels. 
  • This Complete Business Package also includes the DNP-AP4 Co-op Advertising where we will promote your New Business UNTIL You Get At Least TWO Paid Member/Distributor to get you started to Earn Instant and Direct Cash as fast as possible.
  • Your own private Member's Area where you can view your stats, all the Marketing Tools, trainings videos and our Personal Contact Support.
  • This will be one of your Best Small Advertising Investments in your life that you will ever make that can return a REAL $640,000+ Profit. You will have 3 different opportunities working for you 24/7 on complete auto pilot. Even if you are only 10% successful, you stand to earn $64,000. I know you will go beyond that income here.
  • Our success rate is currently averaging about 71% that means if it continuous like that through our entire 3 In 1 System, the earning potential is $454,400. Truly you can not lose here!
The Retail Value of this Ad Pak is $949
Your One Time, Wholesale Cost Is Only $599



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