The DNT-DNP 1-2-3 PLAN with
FAST  1 - 2 - 3  Approvals
and Advertising Your Biz!

The DailyNetTraffic is a Member-To-Member Payment opportunity
which Earns Fast and Direct Cash that is paid to another member.
Members who follow the payment and approval instructions
are verified fast and move on to higher ad paks and income.

The issue is that most members do not follow these instructions
or not at the computer every day to do check their accounts, payments
and approve them accordingly. Others do not place proper payment
transaction details and that makes it hard for others to approve their ad paks.

All of this and more causes major delays for those who want to have fast
approvals for their Purchased Positions or their Ad Traffic Packages.

Another very important aspect for any member who joins any program
is advertising or sponsoring. Most hate that or do not know how to promote
effectively in order to grow their business and to earn income.

I am (John Kielec) the owner of the DailyNetTraffic and RevenueFromAdvertising
want to help as much as possible to make sure you will earn and profit here.

I have listened to many members complaining and asking for a solution to faster
position and ad packages approvals. I came up with this solution which will address
the issues mentioned above and will even promote your business which is a must.

Let The DNP 1-2-3 Plan Do The Work For You!

Here you will have Automated Purchase of your Ad Traffic Packages (Positions 1, 2, and 3),
have your payment send directly to your specified member(s) and
have Instant Approval of your Ad Traffic Packages so you can start advertising.

Since you are already on this site, you have already created DNT account
and you are most likely a Free member. You do not have to purchase any
Ad Traffic Packages (Positions) if you are going to purchase this DNT 1-2-3 Plan.


Before you go and purchase your DNT 1-2-3 Plan, go to tab: Payment Info
and update your payment prefrences with as many payment processor as you can.
Place your STP (username), Payza (email address) and BitCoin.


The purchasing of the Ad Traffic Packages will be Automatically Done For You

and this DNT 1-2-3 Plan will include the following:
  • Purchase of the DNT Ad Traffic Package Position #1-($2), #2-($3) and #3-($10) Total $15
  • Automated Payments send to your specified member (using only STP, Payza and BitCoin)
  • Entry into the DailyNetPay Advertising Platform that offers DNT Marketing Tools
  • 30 days of advertising your DNT business using DailyNetPay (DNP) Ad Platform (Total $19.90)
  • Your DNT referral link will be Emailed Daily for up to 30 days by using DNP Solo Ad Type promotion until reaches 50000 Freshest Opportunity Seeker Prospects. (Total $9.95)
  • Transaction fees

The Total Cost is $44.85
But For DailyNetTraffic Members

you can purchase it for Only $26.90  (Saving $17.95)

ALWAYS when making a payment,
please place your DNT UserName in the
Payment Note Area or Note To Receiver!

    Note: When making a payment through STPAY or Payza,
                     you will notice that it says merchant: makefreedom and/or company name: F5M-Millionaires Club,
                     the DailyNetPay and DailyNetTraffic is owned by the F5M-MC.

                     Sorry but I DO NOT and WILL NOT USE PAYPAL and NEVER WILL so please do not ask me.

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