Greetings to ALL

DailyNetTraffic (DNT)
and DailyNetPay (DNP) members!

The DNTcashFUND Meetings!

Anyone is welcome to attend to learn about our "DNTcashFUND"
and view live presenations of our YOTA, PANDEXUSI-TECH and AGAM account stats,
list of members and their shares and how much funds we are earning.
We are Totally Transparent about everything we do here!

If you are not a member of the DNTcashFUND yet and looking
to Earn Income the EASIEST WAY THERE IS,
Join Us Now!

Attend our meetings to Learn How To Earn Daily and Weekly Income
the LAZY - Do Nothing Way!

Meetings are Held Every Saturday 
at 10 AM EST (New York, USA or Toronto, Canada Time)

October 23/17, the DNTcashFUND 
 added another Stable, Reliable Investemnt Firm YOTA
and November 20/17 PANDEX got added.


Our Next Meeting is on:

Saturday, December 9/17 at 10 AM EST
(New York, USA time)

Meeting Details:

Short Explantion about the "DNTcashFund" opportunity

Showing Total Earnings for YOTA / PENDAX / USI-TECH / AGAM

Current "DNTcashFUND" Shares and # of Members

How Shares with Income are Divided Among Members

New members that will be entered to start earning Monday

Q & A, comments and anything you want to ask or add

Meeting Instructions:

1. Link to join the online live meeting and presentaion:

Online Meeting ID: dailynettraffic

To join the online meeting, click on the meeting link listed above
and follow the prompts to join the meeting.

2. Dial into the conference:
    Dial-in Number: (515) 604-9736 - United States
    Access Code: 282256
    International Dial-in Numbers:

At the scheduled date and time of the meeting,
dial into the conference line. When prompted,
enter the Access Code followed by the pound key.

The DNTcashFUND Plan or Goal!

With Re-Investing or Compounding our Daily Earinings in YOTA, PANDEX and USI-TECH,
and our Weekly Earnings in AGAM, our goal can be reached in about 26 weeks.
Please note this achievment of course can be sooner or later.
I can not give exact answer as this depends on how many members will join us
and how much they will invest in each income investment source.

Once we reach our plan / goal, then we will decide how much to withdraw
and how much compound to keep growing our weekly earnings.

Below is suggested example
if we reach $100,000 in YOTA Account which is our goal!

$100,000 would Earn 3% Daily in Yota's "HAN" Investment Group
which would provide us with $3000 per day or $15,000 per week income.

When this income is reached in YOTA we can decide what to do.
If we should start withdrawing some cash and how much,
and how much to ReInvest to keep growing our Yota account.

Here is suggested example goal for USI-TECH

is to reach 500 BTC Active Packages.

BTC Package Run Time: 140 Business Days
Return on Capital: 140%  Approximate Daily Payout: 1%

When our goal is reached, we would examine how much these BTC Packages
are worth and earning at that time. The Daily Earnings in USI-TECH depend
on the Value of the BitCoin for that day (what is BTC worth).

Below is suggested example
if we reach $200,000 in PANDEX which is our goal.

$200,000 in Pandex would Earn approximate $4000+ Daily (2%),
which would be $20,000+ Weekly.

When this income is reached or close to it, we can decide what to do.
Meaning how much to withdraw and how much to ReInvest!

Below is suggested example
if we reach €100,000 in AGAM Account which is our goal!

€100,000 AGAM Account - Invested for 156 weeks at 5% (average weekly is 5.2%)
After 26 weeks we would start withdrawing 50% of our weekly earnings
and compound the other 50% to keep earning more.
This is what our accumulated possible earnings would be:

Agam Account Balance: € 305,460.00
Weekly Earnings: € 7,003.82 to share
Compound the other 50%: € 7,003.82

From week 26 our weekly earnings would keep getting higher
due to the compounding effect and so it would our account balance.

In week 52 our AGAM Account would be:
Balance: € 553,050.00  Weekly Earnings (50%): € 12,812.06

In week 104 our AGAM Account would be:
Balance: € 744,030.00   Weekly Earnings (50%): € 17,278.90

In week 156 our AGAM Account would be:
Balance:  € 2,049,508.98   Weekly Earnings (50%): € 25,121.81

All Income Earned would be shared by all "DNTcashFUND" members
and according to how many shares each member has
and when joined or invested ( # of days being active).

Remember We Are ALL Working Together Here
and We ALL Make Decisions Here!

Saturday, Dec. 2/17 "DNPcashFUND" Recorded Stats, Yota Update, New Addition to the DCF as the Feeder Income:

Saturday, Nov. 25/17
"DNPcashFUND" Recorded Stats + Income Sources Info:

Saturday, Nov. 18/17
"DNPcashFund" Recorded Stats / Webinar


NOTE: If you are interested to purchase your "DNTcashFund" share,
do it by Saturday, 6 PM EST (New York, USA time) to Start Earning as of Monday.

Details and How To Purchase >>> http://www.dailynetpay.com/dntpassive.html

While we are building our "DNPcashFUND" with

members also will earn from our DNT/DNP!

 Any one can become part of our DNT/DNP system
without joining the "DNPcashFUND"!

DNT/DNP 3 In 1 System!


Hoping To See YOU at the meeting!

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