"Cross Advertising System"
The Advertising / Marketing Strategy!

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Follow These SIMPLE STEPS To FASTER INCOME With AdsTraordinary!

First you must know that DailyNetPay Advertising Platform is connected with AdsTraordinary (AdsT) highly effective Login Ads Advertising source where you can promote your offers and Earn Great additional income. I mean GREAT Income, how about over $170,000 in Total DIRECT PAYMENTS to YOU!

My past and current advertising tests show that using Login Ads and Solo Ads to promote any offer (squeeze or capture page) is the MOST effective way to get interested prospects. This type of advertising has always produced most prospects and with highest conversion rate.

With "Cross Advertising System" we offer our DNP advertising source to AdsTraordinary Members in order for them to grow their AdsT business. We do this through a very special capture pages that were designed for this purpose only.

In AdsTraordinary Login Ads (section My ADZ) you can promote your DNP Catpure Pages
but I highly suggest to include these 3 DNP-AdsT capture pages
that prompt them to join the DNP Ad Pak #2, #3 or #4 under YOU.

1. http://www.dailynetpay.com/ar/directcash/johnk

2. http://www.dailynetpay.com/ar/one4you/johnk

3. http://www.dailynetpay.com/ar/OnePaidMember/johnk

To our tests, most join at the DNP Ad Pak #3 to start and this will give you more spill over power. Then they are directed to purchase the DNP Ad Pak #2 to have that 
CONTINUOUS advertising that will keep on promoting their AdsT business where you and your new member(s) are building the monthly residual income if you are on the DNP Ad Pak #2.

Those who understand that ADVERTISING with BRANDING is a MUST in order to grow and profit, they purchase the DNP Ad Pak #4 to have wider advertising coverage and this is where you earn additional income 4 levels deep in the DNP Ad Pak #4.

Once you become a paid member of the AdsTraordinary, (be upgraded with 1st three levels so you will not loose paid members as most join at these 3 levels and the DNP Ad Pak #3 also places a Paid member at those 1st three levels), use the banner ads and connect them with one of the DNP-AdsT capture pages as mentioned below. (the capture page links below have my DNP id, get yours by login to your DNP member's area and click on tab >  URLs and Banners

BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/adsT-b4.jpg


BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/1paidm.jpg


BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/1paidmem.jpg


BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/dnp-ap3.jpg


BANNER IMAGE URL: http://dailynetpay.com/dnp-ap3-1.jpg


BANNER IMAGE URL: http://easynetbiz4u.com/youmustearn1.jpg

BANNER IMAGE URL: http://easynetbiz4u.com/youmustearn2.jpg

BANNER IMAGE URL: http://easynetbiz4u.com/youmustearn3.jpg

To those banner ads above attach any of the DNP-AdsT capture pages:

1. http://www.dailynetpay.com/ar/directcash/johnk

2. http://www.dailynetpay.com/ar/one4you/johnk

3. http://www.dailynetpay.com/ar/OnePaidMember/johnk

Tip: Promote the above links #1, #2 and #3 in the AdsTraordinary Login Ads source.

Please Note: The Capture Page links above contain my DNP Id.
Login to your DNP member's area and go to "URLs and Banners"

to get your links or simply just replace them with your DNP ID.

Want Effective Marketing Strategy?

You have 8 DNP-AdsT Banner Ads and 6 Capture Page links above,
now go and promote anywhere online where banner ads are accepted,
and to EACH BANNER AD shown above attach those 6 different Capture Page links.

You will have total of (8 x 6) 48 banner ad advertisments running.
This is how to market effectively. It's nothing hard, it just takes little work.
Those who earn from $400 to $900+ with the DailyNetPay Advertising Platform
have anywhere from 80 to 110 active advertisements running each and every month.

During the Most Responsive Months,
from mid September to December
and from beginning of January to mid June,
I personally have from 900 to 1400 ads running out there.


If you join or have joined the DailyNetPay Advertising Platform which helps you to promote your AdsTraordinary Login Ads opportunity gets you spill over and even places PAID members under you, please reads what's below:

If we entered you into the AdsTraordinary Login Ads,
we have your login details and you are all good to go.

If you already in the AdsT submitted your AdsT login details,
then you are all set up, if NOT, see information below.

In order for your AdsTraordinary account to be fully connected with the DNP Ad Pak #3,
we will need your AdsT username and password.

Please feel safe as there is nothing we can do with your account.
Having your AdsT fully connected will make the process of payments lot faster.

If the DNP has to make the payment and sends the payment to specified member,
we will approve the payment in your AdsT account.

If the payment was sent from outside, we wait until you check the payment received,
and you will need to approve it or Deny.

"AdsTraordinary Direct Advertising Co-Op Package"!

If you have purchased the DailyNetPay Ad Pak #3 and your AdsT account is linked with the DNP Ad Pak #3
and have ACTIVE DNP Ad Pak #2, you will be included in this advertising co-op without extra cost.

1.  We promote this banner ad in as many places as we can afford.
      (More banner ads will be added soon).

Banner Ad URL Image: http://dailynetpay.com/freeloginad.jpg

2.  When someone clicks on the banner ad above will lead them to this sale page:
          and then to YOUR AdsT sign up page. (Rotator)

         Got Questions or Concerns?