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PLEASE NOTE: We made the DNP Ad Pak #3 have more exposure. In the video above it states that the DNP Ad Pak #3 offers 30 days advertising, it is Now 60 Days.

Without Advertising NOTHING Happens!
Every business (online or offline) in the world has to advertise in order to grow and profit.

Every single business or person that is trying to make money online needs traffic,
without it, they will NOT earn any income.

This is what the DailyNetPay provides along with great income that can be earned
from the hottest commodity online and get paid instantly!

1. The BEST WAY TO START is to order the DNP Ad Pak #4.

The DNP Ad Pak #4 provides MAIN ingredients to help you grow your business:
  • 90 days of advertising to 2,000,000 Potential Proven Cash Buyer Prospects.
  • Unlimited Login Ad Advertising at 6 levels. Login Ads is proven to be the Most Effective way to promote.
  • 90 Day 'Done-For-You Marketing Package' where the DNP promotes and closes sales for you.
  • Earning Fast and Direct Cash of $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 and $200 as often as daily for LIFE.

Most who start out to earn income online do not realize how importnat advertising is to their business. They place two or three ads in cheap advertising sources and if they do not get any results, they say the opportunity does not work and they quit. It's not like that at all! It's not the opportunity that does not work but it's their lack of proper advertising to get their business working and producing results. These days the competion is great and much more of QUALITY advertising is needed in order to grow and profit. Quality advertising is not cheap, it's expensive and most just can not afford that. This is why the failure of earning income online is high because lack of CONTINOUS and QUALITY advertising.

This is where the DNP Ad Pak #4 comes in and its DONE-FOR-YOU MARKETING PACKAGE. It takes the guess work of searching and testing advertising sources when you are just starting out with your new business. The DNP Ad Pak #4 gets you started with at least 90 days of QUALITY advertising and it reaches about 2 Million Proven Cash Buyer Prospects. This advertising alone sells for $337.95. Addionally to have your business CONTINOUSLY (which is a must) being promoted in the MOST EFFECTIVE effective way, you will get UNLIMITED LOGIN AD advertising for LIFE!

NOW ... this is what ALL opportunity seekers want ... INCOMEFast and Direct Cash Payments! There are millions of people online who would like to earn at least $500 to $1000 extra per month. The DNP can deliver (and is delivering that to many members right now) and can do much more. Most people who want to earn cash DO NOT want to wait to get paid a month later or a week later. Most want to earn as fast as possible and get paid as fast as possible. The DNP Ad Pak #4 payouts INSTANTLY and DIRECTLY to your bank payment processor. You get a sale today, you get paid within few hours or even minutes after we complete the order. With DailyNetPay there is no waiting to get paid, you get paid as soon as some one joins under you and purchases the advertising ad pak.

With the DNP Ad Pak #4 you can earn up to $385 in INSTANT and DIRECT comission payout. Qualifying to earn $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 and $200 commissions from new members who will join under you as the Done-For-You Marketing Package promotes your business. Not all new members will join at the DNP Ad Pak #4 but even if they join at the lower ad paks, you still earn Instant and Direct commission payout. As they upgrade (most do within short time), you will earn even more. This is your Journey to the $170,000+ Income!

Note: By purchasing the DNP Ad Pak #4, you will qualify to earn commissions on the DNP Ad Pak #1, #2, #3 and #4 during the 90 days of its active advertising period. After your DNP Ad Pak #4 advertising expires, simply just go and order the DNP Ad Pak #2 and that will continue to qualify you to earn commissions on ALL DNP Ad Paks, have that Done-For-You Marketing Package that will CONTINOUSLY promote your business.

2. Your 2nd BEST CHOICE of Action with the DailyNetPay and have that CONTINUOUS Advertising to grow and profit from your business is to order the DNP Ad Pak #3.

If you can not afford the Ad Pak #4 at this time, this is your second best choice. The DNP Ad Pak #3 still provides the MAIN ingredients to help you grow your business but it offers lot less advertising exposure and it will take little longer to achieve your desired income level. Of course you can always speed up your earning process by promoting as much as you can and that will help your business growth as well.

  • 30 days of advertising to 500,000 Potential Proven Cash Buyer Prospects.

  • Unlimited Login Ad Advertising at 3 levels.

  • 30 Day 'Done-For-You Marketing Package' where the DNP promotes and closes sales for you.

  • Earning Fast and Direct Cash of $5, $10 and $20 as often as daily for LIFE.

Purchasing this DNP Ad Pak #3 will qualify to earn commissions on the DNP Ad Pak #1, #2 and #3 during your 30 days of its active advertising period. After your DNP Ad Pak #3 expires, it is strognly suggested to get on the DNP Ad Pak #2 to have that CONTINOUS advertising and be qualified to earn commission on DNP Ad PAK #1, #2 and #3. Later when your business is earning you some cash, you can upgrade to the DNP Ad Pak #4.

Please Note - You Can Lose Some Income Here!

If you have not purchased your DNP Ad Pak #4 (not qualified) and you get a new member who joins under you and orders the DNP Ad Pak #4, you will lose commissions of $50, $100 and $200, that's a $350 of commissions that will be by passed to the next qualifying member above you.

This rule applies to ALL DNP Ad Paks. In order to receive or qualify for the commissions of the DNP Ad Paks, you must have ACTIVE DNP Ad Pak (not expired) and be at least at the same level as your new member joins or orders the ad pak.

The DNP Ad Pak #3 and #4!

To Qualify For AdsT Placement of Paid Members from the 'DONE-FOR-YOU Marketing Package' and Receive Spill Over, Your AdsTraordinary Account MUST BE LINKED with the DailyNetPay!

In order for your AdsTraordinary account to be fully connected with the DNP Ad Pak #3 or #4,
we will need your AdsT username and password.

Please feel safe as there is nothing we can do with your account.
Having your AdsT fully connected will make the process of payments lot faster.

If the DNP has to make the payment and sends the payment to specified member,
we will approve the payment in your AdsT account.

If the payment was sent from outside, we wait until you check the payment received,
and you will need to approve it or Deny.


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